You and your fiance have just finished some nice dinner. To wind up the perfect evening, you decide to have some extra wine for the road. This soon turns out to be a costly mistake. A police officer pulls you over, just as you approach the highway from the restaurant.

You are questioned if you’d been drinking, and you reply you yes, you just had some couple of glasses of wine, and that is it. He gives you a breathalyzer test and informs you that you failed it. He’s going to arrest you, and you will be taken to jail.

You’re horrified and request him about getting your wife safely home. However, she says that she’s accompanying you to the police station in order to make some couple of phone calls.

Most people, in such kind of a situation, are literally defenceless since they’re unsure of what to do. The police officer is just doing his job. But had your drink drive solicitor been around, you’d possibly not been heading to jail in the first place.

An expert drink driving or DUI solicitor is an attorney dealing with criminal defense, and he knows all the fundamentals of this part of the law. If you had that lawyer on a retainer, he would’ve able to receive your phone call from the scene, and you’d have been advised not to utter anything to the police officer, or do anything without his legal advice. So what are the importance of having a drink drive solicitor?

Minimize the cost
You need someone who is going to help you fight this problem, since a DUI, though it may appear like a simple issue, might present several long-term effects. For instance, a felony on your record might imply lesser chances of landing yourself a job, or securing some place in an apartment of your choice. The charge may also prove to be costly in regard to legal fees and this matter may get serious if your insurance provider drops you.

The solicitor will help you understand legal details
Legal systems are created to make you pay for your mistakes and reward the ones you wronged. The law with drink driving is quite complex. You need someone who may help you to get the ins and outs pertaining to this section of the law. When you’re a first time offender, it may get quite confusing and overwhelming. But a skilled solicitor is going to navigate all this during your DUI trial.

Understand the process
A good solicitor knows each step of DUI process. He/she is going to interpret for you the police report and fight the test results that led to your charge and arraignment. They also know what plus how you need to plead, and will accordingly advise you when you should contest the process the police officer followed.

Make things less complicated
Hiring a drink driving solicitor to help with your DUI case has many advantages: solid familiarity with court system, ability to handle complex administrative processes and knowledge of plea bargaining. He’she is going to be important when you’re a repeat offender, given the gravity of the consequence that’s leveled on such victims.